Friday, October 02, 2009

Pati Patni aur Woh..pure baby torture

In my previous post, I felt Pati Patni aur woh was better than Sach ka Saamna..but gosh it is worse than I imagined. This I realised only after I watched it myself. 

Imagine Rakhi Sawant trying to feed a baby which is 6-12 months old. The baby is howling away and clearly is troubled. Its so atrocious the way parents can loan their child. Yes, thats what the parents say, they have loaned their children. What kind of parents will want to have their baby tortured this way? In their defense the parents say "The show has a 'social purpose' - aimed at giving young newly married couples a crash course in parenting." Source : TimesNow 

What an insensible excuse! 

Now this statement itself does not make much sense. Do newly married couples need a crash course in parenting????? Or do they need a crash course in Relationships?? How many married couples nowadays have a baby shortly after marriage? I know very few personally. 

Am glad though that NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) is protesting the content of the show claiming it violates the rights of children as it uses babies as 'props'.Thankfully for now, the show has been taken off air. See this

Babies as props????? What are reality shows coming to!! Highly stupefying!

Diwali is coming..

Myriad thoughts crossing my mind. Diwali..desperate to go home..Gandhi Jayanti..Freedom so labouriously earned that we so enjoy today..My Blog..Time Management..Jab We Met :D yeah its running on the Colors channel of my all time favourite movies...Imagine if someone could be like Geet in real life :D

One more prominent thought in my mind is ways to improve my writing (skills) Let me be modest and include skills like an optional word :P Seriously I need to learn a lot when it comes to writing. Was going through some good blogs, one of my friends shared with me, this blogger is very popular, name's Sidin. But gosh, there is a plethora of things when it comes to blogging. In my opinion, once you start being a regular blogger you start getting a hang of things. Equally important is reading other blogs and giving important comments. The world of Blogging is so vast and so interesting, I wonder why I discovered it recently.

Moving on to Diwali, the festival of lights, the festival of crackers and sweets. One of our major Indian festivals, when the light of lamps enlightens all places and the sound of crackers echoes through the night. When Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of Wealth is worshipped, according to mythology Lakshmi jee incarnated on the new moon day (amaavasyaa) of the Kartik month during the churning of the ocean (samudra-manthan), hence the association of Diwali with Lakshmi.

I always associate Diwali with home, and presence of my loved ones. I just remember one Diwali which I spent away from home. And it did not feel like a festival at all. That was First year B.Tech when we weren't given enough holidays for Diwali. For me, Diwali means being with my parents at home.

More than the sweets preparation, Buying new clothes,Welcoming guests,wishing them,sending cards, more than all of this, for me Diwali is of utmost importance because I am at home with my parents, its a feeling inexplicable, possibly people staying away from home could better fathom. If it weren't for being at home, I would be utterly depressed at Diwali. Although its celebrated without any pomp and show at my home. Nevertheless, the simple Lakshmi jee poojan done by my father, and the simple goodies made by mom, the warmth of their love and care seems to shone much more at Diwali, strangely and why I do not know. Well, can't wait for 17th October and to be at home...

"He who Himself sees all but whom no one beholds, who illumines the intellect, the sun, the moon and the stars and the whole universe but whom they cannot illumine, He indeed is Brahman, He is the inner Self. Celebrate the real Deepavali by living in Brahman, and enjoy the eternal bliss of the soul"

Wish you all a Happy Diwali in advance..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Twitter , major source of Blog traffic

The importance of Twitter can be realised only if one looks at the interesting findings by hubspot
These were some statistics, this was done in 2008..

  • Twitter traffic has grown over 600% in the past 12 months
  • Twitter became one of the top 1,000 websites by traffic in May 2008
  • Twitter is dominated by newer users, 70% of Twitter users joined in 2008
  • An estimated 5-10 thousand new accounts are opened each day
All these facts mean that Twitter is a very significant platform for bloggers. Bloggers can increase their blog traffic and exposure by finding, getting in touch and providing good readable content to who interested.

Well, I myself have just started blogging, my enthusiasm is at its peak now. I want to keep writing some good stuff and popularize my blog through mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Internet has a plethora of information, the only thing needed is some acumen to tap it to your own benefit which I intend to do thoroughly.

Have started with stumbleupon,twitter and facebook. :)

A Prune A Day..

Prunes do contain a large percentage of sugar but since its natural sugar, I think its not harmful. plus one of my points below talks about the low GI of Prunes.Lets look at the benefits of prunes...
  • Prunes are rich in fiber and acts as a natural laxative. Hence, good for the digestive system and in naturally curing constipation
  • contain important nutrients like Iron,calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins like A, B, C, and E.
  • Since they are rich in Vitamin A and betacarotene, they are helpful for your eyesight
  • Help to lower blood cholestrol
  • Prunes can also slow down your mind and body’s aging process and thus they help in preventing aging related problems like memory loss, lack of focus, and others. 
  • Having a low glycemic index(GI - The glycemic index gives us an idea of which foods raise our blood glucose fastest and highest. ) prunes help to moderate the glycemic response in those who have diabetes despite their high carbohydrate content and natural sugars. I wanted to stress on this point. 
  • High in antioxidants, means that eating just 4 of these super fruits a day is as good for your skin as any expensive anti-wrinkle creams. 
  • Helpful in weight loss and in preventing overeating as they give this feeling of fullness 
 All in all I have never seen a dried fruit having so many benefits as Prunes..Guess its time to implement "A Prune a Day" :) 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Video..Evolution

Evolution was an advertising campaign launched by Dove and this video was part of it. It was a video circulated through viral marketing ( and this video was viewed 8 million times..the number only shows the popularity it received. Has also won couple of awards. Successfully showed the pressure women feel to always look flawlessly good. And it is a also a wonderful example of an Ad that differs from other ads in that, it doesnt massage the consumers' ego, rather creates a contradiction and triggers affinity towards its product

Google Wave..looks like some wave

Google going to cause a wave

Here's how it works: In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. They can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It's concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. That means Google Wave is just as well suited for quick messages as for persistent content — it allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use "playback" to rewind the wave and see how it evolved. This is a snippet from the official Google Blog

The best part of this is Google is opening the API quite early to developers to give feedback and to also develop new apps using this API

Google sure is omni present in the Internet..this is one more example of the same

The Big Boss Drama....Sach ka Saamna..its the era of Reality Shows..

What is it about reality shows that sends the TRP ratings sky high. I guess its the peepy factor. By that I mean people usually don't get to peep into another persons' routine in real life, so this is a chance to see some 13 odd people in a house cut from the rest of the world..either flirting with one another or bitching bethind others' back. Sadistic in a way, but it sure sells!!! I find this business really yucky and demeaning though. Relatively speaking, Big Boss is still ok but not Sach ka Saamna

Don't you think these reality shows are taking our culture away? I mean have you watched Sach ka Saamna?..I was taken aback when I did. The wife was being asked if she and her husband were staying together after having taken a divorce.Gosh! its like running a live slide show of your life. Its like stripping your life cloth off you. And I felt betrayed by the program, how can an individual become ready to answer controversial questions about their personal life, their deepest of secrets for a big amount of money??? Isn't this very facet disturbing? Asking a person, that too a celebrity , if he had kids out of wedlock!! Horrible!!! I don't seem to get why we are trying to emulate American culture and ruin our Indian culture..isn't it too much damage we are causing just for TRP ratings?

I mean reality shows like Rakhi ka swayamvar and Pati patni aur woh are still ok. After all those are staged and do not probe in an individuals' personal life.

What do you say? Would you want such reality shows to continue??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After Peanut Butter...Prunes :D

Well..I am the kind of person who endeavors to keep trying healthy stuff..Recently, I bought this peanut butter from my favourite supermarket store..And it was the crunchy type..Ummm..Peanut butter is yummy..but BEWARE too much of it isn't good folks. But a quick Google search gave me some very astonishing as well as confusing facts :|

The search revealed that peanut butter is actually high in saturated fats which is good for health, its good for a healthy heart and its good cholestrol. Plus some of its other benefits

-- peanuts = protein
-- more filling, once u eat two spoons wont feel hungry for 3-4 hours at a stretch

I felt its best as weekend breakfast with toasted whole wheat bread and a nice cup of steaming tea :D

Now let me come to Prunes, the Sunsweet California Prunes are really good as a snack. 3 prunes = 61, as per reference from caloriecount

I felt they really satisfy your craving for sweet. Plus can you imagine they have NO FAT..Yessssss, they have no fat :) What can be a better snack than a ZERO FAT SNACK :D A reference for some reading as I can't stop searching about how healthy prunes are :D

Adsense issues :( :| Reason stated Page Type

I just applied to Adsense and my application got rejected. Here's the mail I got

Hello Heena Chhabra,

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google AdSense
at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

- Page Type


Further detail:
Page Type: In order to participate in Google AdSense, publishers' websites
and application information must satisfy the following guidelines:

- Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not
- You must provide accurate personal information with your application
that matches the information on your domain registration.
- Your website must contain substantial, original content.
- Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies:" which include Google's webmaster
quality guidelines:

If your site satisfies the above criteria in the future, please resubmit
your application and we'll review it as soon as possible


Well this mail wasn't really helpful.Did a Google search and found many people applied couple of times, as many as 7 times :| and still got rejected. Now I did not full understand why they rejected my site. I could only get one reason, its possible that the content they saw in my blog was very opinionated and personal and hence they felt wouldn't catch the attention of much of the Internet traffic.

Anyhow I have resolved to hone my writing skills and write about some hot stuff :D trying my best..So Wish me luck...