Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Technology...boon or curse?

Today I was talking to a colleague when she said that she finds her mind cluttered most of the times..I mistook this for her not being able to manage multiple tasks but she then clarified that its not management issue but issue is how to prioritize given so many distractions with the technology progressing at such a fast pace.Some blaring examples of technology killing some good habits..I see less people browsing through a newspaper..I myself am trying to develop the habit of reading from a normal newspaper as i generally tend to goto and just glance at the headlines..

Take FB/Twitter..I mean what is the pressing need to always stay connected.Its right that it gives us a very big advantage but we should know how to use this quality of technology in the right way rather than letting it hog all of our time. Take Farmville, an application based game on facebook, if you start it once its so addictive believe me, I am a victim :D Well on one hand I realize that Internet has killed many things, i was reading on some site some of the things that Internet has killed. One thing mentioned was that "you are the only person not grieving the death of a celebrity" L.O.L its so true. Anyday a celebrity dies and you see, for instance on news sites links like "Light a candle" :D I never get their significance.

I see Internet as a wonderful way of passing time which can also be killing time..Social networking sites, chat applications, games, it and u have it..But I fear all of this takes much of our valuable time...