Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthdays come and Birthdays go

Imagine when you were a 10 year old :) The big Birthday Cake, the new flowery dress or rather colorful party wear. The tiny tot birthday parties, the joyful brouhaha, the gifts your friends brought, the colorfully hued invitation letters you got to invite them to your party, the return gifts you bought for each one of them who attended your party. The multicolored balloons :) The candies you got to distribute in your class, the whole day felt special. Am I right??

And then we come back to reality some 15-20 years later :D where everything you do is to make you feel its your birthday. For gals its more like a countdown towards the growing years, by this I mean the thirties or the forties :D Well, thankfully for all the Olays and the Garnier Anti aging creams :D Ok, no pun intended there. Alright alright that was just to add some humor. But on a serious note, I did not feel a thing when my birthday was almost a week back. It was the usual mundane day in office ( yes fortunately it was a working day :) ) I kinda feel somewhat sane in a formal milieu like the office. I do not know but it has a nice effect on me and helps me to stay away from disorientation. 

Well, coming back to the Birthday talk, my colleagues were sweet enough to order a nice cake for me,yes and the icing (it was a creamy rose :D) did match my dress color as well. That is a custom we follow in office, which is good since it again gives you a teeny tiny feel of your birthday, its difficult to get that feel on your own. I mean I am not saying Birthdays are not great but I feel as you put on a year each year, they kinda constantly make you feel that the whole concept of Birthdays is overrated. Or is it not?? 

One or two years back, birthdays meant a whole lot of different things to me. I remember and I guess it was some 2 years back that I wanted to do something nice and different on my birthday and I ended up in an NGO office called iVolunteer. I wanted to share my birthday happiness with people whom I could give a little joy with something as little as a birthday cake and some snacks :) It felt good. It was this children home called Makkala Jagriti I do not mean to glorify what I did, just felt good writing about it and more importantly linking to their sites for those of you really interested in volunteering and social service. Just wanted to do this wee bit of online social service :) 

Again switching back to the topic of birthdays, I think friends make a considerable or maybe even remarkable amount of difference. I do not know what or how I would feel on my birthdays without my bunch of friends. Even a bunch is not needed, mine was a trio this time :) My beloved friends(just the two of them) got me a nice gift and a yummy birthday cake :) Cut it after blowing the single candle on it( hee hee candles on cakes should never indicate your age  :D) and with the birthday music playing in the background. I just felt so elated, thanks to both of them. And then the yummy Chinese birthday treat followed followed by a run for the chocolate at the ever famous Corner House. Reminiscing old days and the good times spent together, I wonder is always around food or drinks or coffee, probably because that is when the conversation follows or rather flows into the mood :)

Oh yes and I forgot to mention that Birthdays are also interestingly to put on weight and to intake more calories. Lets rename Birthdays as the "High Calorie Day" :D Kidding, but it is true. 

Birthdays I would define as a day meant to make you feel special, cherished by friends, family with each passing year, may you be 15 or 50. May the charm of birthdays remain the same for all every year!

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year:  The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again.  ~Menachem Mendel Schneerson

While I was searching for some cute cake pictures came across these, they are so cute :) Check them out