Thursday, September 14, 2006

A whiff of fresh Air :)

Today while waiting for my bus to office, accustomed to waiting for some min everyday, my eyes started wandering to the scenes in my vicinity and one such spectacle brought a smile to my lips . It was nothing extraordinary yet very sensitive and made me contemplate a bit later on..thats why i am also blogging about it.

What i saw was a south indian couple waiting for the BMTC bus, they seemed much below middle class..but the happiness that i saw in their eyes was amazing..the husband had their baby in his arms, and he was lovingly gazing at the baby now and then..the baby was sweetly in slumbers, maybe knowing that he/she is in papa's hands :) and the wife was also smiling, maybe out of the satisfaction it brought her to see their child, under the soft shadow of his/her parents..And this whole scene softened my heart and i realized how incredible it is to love, to feel loved, to express love....

Love shone in its soft light :)