Saturday, April 17, 2010

Road, Movie

An unconventional movie, with a rustic feel to it. Charmingly simple and yet conveying all emotions with par excellence.

Vishnu, the typical modern son of a typical middle class family. Father is trying a business to sell oil. आत्मा तेल लगाया बाल भर सर पाया, बाकी सब माया :D Abhay Deol plays the reluctant son well. 

Vishnu catches hold of an old mans truck and offers to do a favour to him by taking the truck to Samudrabhar, a city by the sea. How his journey unfolds varied experiences is quite a story to tell. Its rather life changing as depicted. Satish Kaushik in the role of Chacha or the mechanic, the kiddo Mohammad Faizal was just a natural when it came to acting. Tanishtha Chatterjee added a new dimension, the only female face of the movie, a beautiful Rajasthani Banjaara in search of water. And Abhay Deol as always did not need an effort to act. The best thing I like about Abhay Deol is his unsophisticated ordinary looks, I like his unglamorous boy next door look unlike the hunk look that some of our Bollywood heroes have, I think that gives him the edge.

Road, Movie is quite entertaining and has a good pace, how the truck has a movie projector system and how Vishnu and the other three tap it in the mela is awesome. The moments in the movie like the one when the police wala threatens them to show a good movie and how the whole village enjoys it, the scene when Tanishtha breaks into a song, the Charlie Chaplin scene when Chacha passes away with a smile on his face, the smiling faces of the village people amused by Charlie Chaplin, all are scenes just so worth watching.

You should definitely visit the official site of the movie which is this A lot has gone into the making of the movie and the site has some nice facts and videos about the same. Also I like the look and feel of the site. Dev Benegal has made a gr8 movie and I think you shouldn't miss this one....
The film being aired in so many international film festivals itself speaks volumes...Need I say more?