Saturday, June 19, 2010

What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today.

I am sure you must be wondering about the caption. Well, am going to write my views about the movie "Groundhog Day"

I just loved this movie! It was unique from other movies in so many ways. Now I did not know what is Groundhog day, so heres something for those who don't like me.

Groundhog Day may seem like a newfangled ceremony — what with Punxsutawney Phil living in a climate-controlled environment in the town library (where he is fed dog food and ice cream) and being transported once a year to Gobbler's Knob where tuxedo-clad gentlemen await his exit from a heated burrow at 7:25 a.m. on February 2 and bend down respectfully to receive his meteorological prognostications and convey them to a breathless media and an attentive the way Punxsutawney is a rat or squirrel I do not know..also know and woodchucker a search showed. Source:

How a weatherman Phill Collins(Bill Murray) hates this very day and for consecutively third year is in Punxsutawney to report this very event, finds himself living the same day again and again. Every morning when the alarm rings, its the same old day. First he uses each day for his own selfish motives, to hurt people he doesnt like or do worthless things, and then after he starts knowing his producer, Rita, he realises each day can be lived in a worthwhile manner, helping people, saving peoples lives which was obviously easier for him because each day he knew the exact sequence in which any event or mishap would occur. His transition from leading an ego-centric, selfish life to a selfless, worthy life is noteworthy and along this time, how he falls in love with Rita, how he realises that he is capable of being generous and kind. The scenes where one night he admits the old beggar to hospital and the poor old fellow dies, and he tells the nurse "Not Today!". Next repeated day he takes the old man and makes him have a nice warm breakfast, sadly the old man still dies, as the nurse says sometimes people just die and he was old. Suddenly his humanity awakes in him, all these events manifest well.

With every repeated day, Phil realises there is so much good that can be done with each day. I mean think of it, how would you spend each today if you know it will get repeated the next day. What a thought! I mean who could imagine this! When Phil says "Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today." :) Gosh, if the same day is repeated everyday, I just can't imagine what I will do.

Something to muse about.

Well, what I learnt and what I felt was the central theme was that live in the now, live in each moment for now is the moment you can make someone happy, help someone, make your life better. Its like this saying..Live today as if there's no tomorrow..

A sweet movie and a must watch!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris

Quite a hilarious movie based on the book I Love You Phillip Morris by Steve McVicker. The story of Steven Russell, who after a car accident has this sudden epiphany as he calls it, and decides to live life as he wanted to without any compromises or without any secrets.

He was gay and his wife Debbie did not know this fact. After his car accident he reveals the same to her and thus begins a new life altogether. He has a boyfriend Jimmy and commits all sorts of frauds to shower his bf with expensive gifts. And when he's caught he tries to flee, unfortunately ending up in prison.

In prison, he meets Phillip Morris and both strike such a connection that it looks like both are made for each other. Although a normal person would not be able to fathom or understand the feelings a gay couple share, but I realised feelings or emotions are as is, they are not discriminated as feelings between a normal straight couple or a gay couple. Steven and Phillip are shown to share such a great chemistry and are so much in love.

Steven Russel has been potrayed as such an incredible and versatile con man, he fools people into believing he's a lawyer, gets Phillip out of prison, fools the chairman of a big company and becomes CFO of that company :D goes back to prison again because of all his frauds, tries to escape n number of times, and all that he does or tries to get away from is to meet Phillip Morris who is now pissed with him because he's been made an accomplice in all the illegal activities that Steve has been doing.

The most amusing and gut-busting dupe that Steve does is faking his death. That was too much. How he got away with so many dupes is beyond my understanding :D Faking AIDS, its just too much when he says the private care facility people never bothered to run him for an AIDS test :D

No one could have potrayed Steven best as Jim Carrey has done also adding an element of humor here and there. Quite a unique movie. Love the end scene! Watch it for yourself :D

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