Thursday, June 29, 2006


Man, its hardwork working out :D n specially if one is lousy..takes a lot of determination & will power to step in and strive to stay fit..well, but i have resolved not to give least i am going to try to regularly go to the gym....I had been to the gym after about more than a month or so..also, wen i go after a long gap...body aches like anything, but then u have to take some pains to gain something :)

And health is something one should always take care of....stay fit, stay healthy,stay energetic :)
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body after all.Wonder how some people just dont put on weight, envy them sometimes :D but then its not all that bad being healthy, mind it healthy n not fat or obese.....jus need to keep procrastination aside and let go of your lousiness :) and boom! u wil have a fit body of which u can reap benefits long term

since last 5 days i have been going to the gym, and am affirmative about the fact that i will soon complete 50 days and more....

Good bye to passive unfit days and a warm welcome to Healthy and fit days :)