Monday, October 12, 2009

Never Resign to Fate

There maybe instances in life when it would be easier to resign yourself to fate than fight the odds. But that would be a cowards' path to take. Yes, it may take a lot of relentless effort to come out of your trials and tribulations but it definitely is worth the effort.

Why should one be hell bent on leading a life which does not give one the bare essentials of happiness. Where one is given no importance, where one is stuck for a loved one and bearing all the pain for no love, no respect in return. How meaningless, how torturous such a life would be, it is difficult even to imagine. Everyday would be like burden.

I have seen people in situations where coming out is the only solution. By coming out I mainly mean breaking out of a relationship. Making or breaking a relationship demands tremendous effort from any individual and that is always a life changing step, one that has serious, positive or negative implications on ones' life. And both are equally difficult to be decided upon. 

Religion and spirituality teach us to be patient, that things will be fine one day but that does not mean weaving a new world far away from the realms of reality. For, the need of the day is to be practical and stay in reality. One needs to be proactive for solving any relationship issues. Merely waiting for the day to come when things would be fine is just utopian theory.

I highly appreciate individuals who opt for a divorce when they foresee that it would be difficult or not feasible to carry on a relationship. Brave are those individuals, it takes heart, more than that it takes guts to end a relationship. How liberating it could feel and at the same time painful. But the question here would be are you leading a life you really wanted to or it is just an arrangement that you have made with fate?

And what if there is a child involved? The situation then becomes much more complex. Couples  try to stick together just for the sake of the child, not giving thought to the fact that the child also becomes aware of the cold war, the mental tension that has come between the parents. And this has a bad impact on the child. Single parenting sure would be tough but at least the child would have a healthy environment and if the single parent can provide for the child in health and sickness, what more is needed?

In instances, where people stay on, resign themselves to their fate, everyday is a slow death. Everyday is a step towards killing the person that you really are. Everyday is a compromise.

So this is what I have learnt today "Never Resign to Fate"

I dedicate this post to my father whom I so respect, my respect for him grows each day. He is my inspiration in life. Thanks for everything Papa!