Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Change is important..

How many of us believe in constantly changing things in our life..may they be trivial ones...maybe changing the wallpaper on the desktop..maybe listening to newer songs..well i strongly believe in and advocate change..its so very crucial to perdure the freshness in life and the daily activities, to keep your energy levels at an optimum high

I feel that change has much to do with, in fact its closely associated with one's comfort zones..As the name implies, a zone in which u find comfort and are at ease = comfort zone..but one should also strive to come out of it..Staying in your comfort zone always would actually defer the threshold of change...and CHANGE is necessarily important..for progress, for maintaining the lustre in everything..for retaining interest, for keeping ur energies consistent..

I have recently experienced a big change in my life, but of course for the positive and am looking forward to gradually transforming this change into one of my feel good, at ease zones :)