Sunday, October 12, 2008 they matter so much...and how they can make u utterly conscious

ok..I have an inkling of the fact that sometimes I am given more attention than needed and more than I demand..And that really makes me feel conscious..Then I rather not think about my looks..or whatever...I mean ok guys would notice your face first..and if u have a good face...U would end up getting oodles of attention..sometimes its not all the times..

Like for instance..sometimes people don know how to really pay you a compliment..and you end up getting day in my office..I was paid a compliment in a way it din sound like on..I was wearing a red dress..and this guy..I totally disliked..was like..the color of your dress is reflecting on your cheeks..And I was like..what was that??? :D cheapo..din even know how to pay me a compliment..

And at times..people end up offering free advice when you havent asked for the other day one of these guys in office was shouldnt wear this doesnt suit u :O I wanted to ask him "dude did i even ask your opinion" Guys will be guys..wont they??

Ha ha..and one more recent experiences of mine..People will usually ask you things which are obvious..I had these red colored specs frame i bought..and one day i wore the same..and people were like new specs?? hee hee..gee i mean you feel good when people notice you like this..but sometimes it just gets to you :P

Conclusion : If you look good..and you are avoid consciousness..better forget abt ur good looks :D