Monday, May 15, 2006

A Beautiful Scene..

14th May, 3:56 am

I don think I had ever seen such a beautiful scene in my life.And somehow, I took it as a good omen, an indication of good things to come.

I had just had a long & wonderful chat with a close friend after which i went to sleep.But sleep eluded me, pieces of my conversation that i just had with my pal kept coming back to my mind for no reason at all or you can say I didn't try to reason out why.

And suddenly what do I see? Against the silhoutte of the foilage ( my room window faces some trees) & facilitated by the curtain set partially aside (I have begun to sleep these days by setting the curtain a bit aside so that light from outside kindles the room a bit) , the serene & breathtakingly beautiful moon literally peeping at me through the window :P ...

A marvellous view it actually was...cause the dark clouds intermittently kept shadowing Chanda Maama :) and its brilliance and then when the clouds would uncover it, Chanda maama would again dazzle & gleam with His soft & tender light..I felt as if God was looking down gently at me with a look on His face, a look analogous to the look on a mothers' face when she looks at her newborn baby, a look of extreme tenderness,care & love , I felt the Divine in the tenderness of moonlight.And at that very juncture, I felt that God is Great..I had had a wonderful day on 13th and was thanking God for it in my mind when i felt God's hand on my head in this experience that i had..I love u God :)

Best Day of my Life till now :)

13th May 2006, this day i deem as one of the best day of my life.I dont want to forget these precious moments that i spent with my friends on this very day..whatever i am writing has already been penned down in my diary first :) ..and i felt like putting it in my blog here i am typing the same words..

I feel like now i understand the real worth of in their very simple & elegant ways, they can make you feel as if you are on top of the world (at least for them, which is what matters than anything else) What i really felt was very difficult to pen down..Somehow words seem insufficient,trite ..but as one of my friends says, words are never manifest one's feelings

Wish i could capture the whole of this day in the form of a video, how i wish the human mind had a feauture like that of a handycam :) so that we could relive some moments by looking at the recording again..i know this sounds absurd..But i would do anything not to let these memories fade..without good friends, u never know what all you are missing in life..

I felt so elated and had such a wonderful day that i would like to tell my friends - Aarti, Khannu,Prachi,Kots n Zebu that "Pals, am glad I have you as my friends :)"

So happy i was that i forgot all my worries, tensions & was so much "in the moment"..Credit again goes to my wonderful friends..God Bless You all.