Thursday, September 14, 2006

A whiff of fresh Air :)

Today while waiting for my bus to office, accustomed to waiting for some min everyday, my eyes started wandering to the scenes in my vicinity and one such spectacle brought a smile to my lips . It was nothing extraordinary yet very sensitive and made me contemplate a bit later on..thats why i am also blogging about it.

What i saw was a south indian couple waiting for the BMTC bus, they seemed much below middle class..but the happiness that i saw in their eyes was amazing..the husband had their baby in his arms, and he was lovingly gazing at the baby now and then..the baby was sweetly in slumbers, maybe knowing that he/she is in papa's hands :) and the wife was also smiling, maybe out of the satisfaction it brought her to see their child, under the soft shadow of his/her parents..And this whole scene softened my heart and i realized how incredible it is to love, to feel loved, to express love....

Love shone in its soft light :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Man, its hardwork working out :D n specially if one is lousy..takes a lot of determination & will power to step in and strive to stay fit..well, but i have resolved not to give least i am going to try to regularly go to the gym....I had been to the gym after about more than a month or so..also, wen i go after a long gap...body aches like anything, but then u have to take some pains to gain something :)

And health is something one should always take care of....stay fit, stay healthy,stay energetic :)
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body after all.Wonder how some people just dont put on weight, envy them sometimes :D but then its not all that bad being healthy, mind it healthy n not fat or obese.....jus need to keep procrastination aside and let go of your lousiness :) and boom! u wil have a fit body of which u can reap benefits long term

since last 5 days i have been going to the gym, and am affirmative about the fact that i will soon complete 50 days and more....

Good bye to passive unfit days and a warm welcome to Healthy and fit days :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Beautiful Scene..

14th May, 3:56 am

I don think I had ever seen such a beautiful scene in my life.And somehow, I took it as a good omen, an indication of good things to come.

I had just had a long & wonderful chat with a close friend after which i went to sleep.But sleep eluded me, pieces of my conversation that i just had with my pal kept coming back to my mind for no reason at all or you can say I didn't try to reason out why.

And suddenly what do I see? Against the silhoutte of the foilage ( my room window faces some trees) & facilitated by the curtain set partially aside (I have begun to sleep these days by setting the curtain a bit aside so that light from outside kindles the room a bit) , the serene & breathtakingly beautiful moon literally peeping at me through the window :P ...

A marvellous view it actually was...cause the dark clouds intermittently kept shadowing Chanda Maama :) and its brilliance and then when the clouds would uncover it, Chanda maama would again dazzle & gleam with His soft & tender light..I felt as if God was looking down gently at me with a look on His face, a look analogous to the look on a mothers' face when she looks at her newborn baby, a look of extreme tenderness,care & love , I felt the Divine in the tenderness of moonlight.And at that very juncture, I felt that God is Great..I had had a wonderful day on 13th and was thanking God for it in my mind when i felt God's hand on my head in this experience that i had..I love u God :)

Best Day of my Life till now :)

13th May 2006, this day i deem as one of the best day of my life.I dont want to forget these precious moments that i spent with my friends on this very day..whatever i am writing has already been penned down in my diary first :) ..and i felt like putting it in my blog here i am typing the same words..

I feel like now i understand the real worth of in their very simple & elegant ways, they can make you feel as if you are on top of the world (at least for them, which is what matters than anything else) What i really felt was very difficult to pen down..Somehow words seem insufficient,trite ..but as one of my friends says, words are never manifest one's feelings

Wish i could capture the whole of this day in the form of a video, how i wish the human mind had a feauture like that of a handycam :) so that we could relive some moments by looking at the recording again..i know this sounds absurd..But i would do anything not to let these memories fade..without good friends, u never know what all you are missing in life..

I felt so elated and had such a wonderful day that i would like to tell my friends - Aarti, Khannu,Prachi,Kots n Zebu that "Pals, am glad I have you as my friends :)"

So happy i was that i forgot all my worries, tensions & was so much "in the moment"..Credit again goes to my wonderful friends..God Bless You all.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wish it rains in torrents

Its become so hot lately that i wish it would rain in torrents.But then this would be part a selfish wish, part a selfless one..selfish because i wouldnt be thinking of the many impoverished people staying in make-shift abodes, would be such a pain for them..selfless because i know all the city people like me must be disgusted with the heat and praying to Meghraja(the King of Clouds) to be generous to them..and let it rain so that we can chill madi n not remain sakat hot like they say in Radio Mirchi these days....

Well, it did rain today, only for a few minutes, though it did provide a welcome relief from the usual heat that bangloreans are not accustomed to..and frankly speaking, i have begun to like bangalore..totally unlike the feeling i had when i felt alienated in bangalore, partially because of the weather, and also because i was fresh out of college,callow, like a new coat of paint which takes time to dry...what would i call myself now? mmmm, well cant definitely say dried i can say fast i know people are going to laugh at this analogy i have tried to draw...

i think i have strayed from my focus in this blog, 'Rain' , i just love the rain..and its a hackneyed statement,nevertheless, i would say it, the idea of a steaming cup of coffee alongwith savoring pakodaas & simply enjoying and silently appraising the pleasant i saw a gulomohar tree laden with scarlet red flowers after it rained and what a sight it was! the droplets gleaming like pearls formed a line on the branch..breathtakingly beautiful..and the fresh green lawns, myriad varieties of all plants, trees stood out because of their viridity and lush green appearance bestowed on them by the showers..

Sometimes i am grateful to God to have created simply amazing things that surround us and what we call as Nature, the environment in our vicinity which actually uplifts us many a times and that too asking for so much less in return...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Beauty ??? or inner beauty???

This topic i.e. beauty i have pondered over ample number of times. I know , i know its quite a trite topic to choose for blogging...but then its nt that trivial, is it?? people have their own notions, nevertheless, its an important worthy topic that can be discussed at great length.....but in todays hep & street smart world, beauty is an obselete term i guess, hep or smart or chic is more apt.

Well, what i feel is everyone is smart in his/her own way..and unique too..only thing is people fail to realize that..some people think very negative of themselves..self-esteem is then what we come to....If only u feel u look good, then u ought to..theres just a small gap between these thoughts i feel...i jus had a hairdo..and i feel it has added a lot to my not that i was not confident before..

I think if u keep changing urself every now n then, it peps up ur life rather than the same monotony of things around you..freshens up ur mood, makes you feel good about yourself..and you don need to ask the world of whether it approves you..You are what you are.. :D

Monday, April 03, 2006

Solitude vs Loneliness

On saturday, i was with my friends, my dear friends having a fun time..we were watching Along Came Polly and jus before that we had our lunch together..after the movie ended, i felt the need for fresh air..n i expected someone wud come to drop me..well, the unexpected happened..n i moved out alone..on the road..and suddenly i felt this void..a void which i cud nt comprehend...and i think i was feeeling lonely?? now i don't know...but sometimes i enjoy being alone..and that is solitude..

i take my own time to do things..go alone shopping or mayb jus watch TV alone, but i have noticed that when i have company i tend to behave differently..which is actually strange..why cant i behave consistently..the other day i was sittin alone and a friend saw me..she asked me whether i was tense or tired..n i was none..aimless wud be the right word to describe what i feel when am by myself..but not always..sometimes i do feel elated for no reason at all..

i wonder if i understand myself!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Concetration going HAYWIRE

I wonder how people study for i tried reading with concentration for an hour and i found that i was getting too distracted.but maybe that was because i was sitting in my cubicle close to my workstation & we software engineer are too fond of surfing..lolz..

anyways i struggled to study some pages with undivided attention, succeeded to do that only for some minutes distracted by orkut, by office work..i even tried putting on music n studying but in vain

a friend used to tell me that music increases ur concentration level..however i have observed that it diverts my attention..mayb am not listening to the right music, maybe i should listen to music that am familiar to, that ways i wont pay heed to it...

day is almost coming to an end and am happy that i have managed to read some pages :D