Monday, April 17, 2006

Beauty ??? or inner beauty???

This topic i.e. beauty i have pondered over ample number of times. I know , i know its quite a trite topic to choose for blogging...but then its nt that trivial, is it?? people have their own notions, nevertheless, its an important worthy topic that can be discussed at great length.....but in todays hep & street smart world, beauty is an obselete term i guess, hep or smart or chic is more apt.

Well, what i feel is everyone is smart in his/her own way..and unique too..only thing is people fail to realize that..some people think very negative of themselves..self-esteem is then what we come to....If only u feel u look good, then u ought to..theres just a small gap between these thoughts i feel...i jus had a hairdo..and i feel it has added a lot to my not that i was not confident before..

I think if u keep changing urself every now n then, it peps up ur life rather than the same monotony of things around you..freshens up ur mood, makes you feel good about yourself..and you don need to ask the world of whether it approves you..You are what you are.. :D


ankur anand said...

wow... it was good but well the inner beauty is the thing which still counts.. u may say that one is living life on there own terms but other won't approve it if someone is rude in there behaviour even though she/he is not beautiful. :D its the behaviour which counts and thats the inner beauty.. and yeah to give a boost to the monotonus life this is the best thing one can do.. enjoy. :D

unknown said...

i blv that life is all experimenting new things, but make sure that your the scientist

UnboundSpirit said...

Hello opvarms, I guess Life is like an experiment, in which you only are the scientist performing all the sub experiments. May be now and then you may find inspiration in the other artists' work i.e. you may find another person as a source of inpiration.No harm in tapping that inspiration, isn't it?