Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sometimes I just do not understand my emotions, my mood swings or probably I do not want to attribute the change in mood to any particular event or person..I am so much not in control of myself then..like a wave which washes away the patterns made on sand, i get washed away in my uncontrollable emotions..And sometimes the after effect isnt good and i regret my feeling that way..

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But then why?? why should i not give a vent to my outburst of emotions or whatever it is , maybe its PMS i keep feeling...My emotions are not trivial..my emotions/my mood swings are my own, I cannot compare them in magnitude or intensity to the feelings or emotions of others..Why then should i belittle the way i feel..may it look eccentric...but thats how i feel..

But then i got this wierd thought that if i isolate myself...my crazy emotions would not hurt anyone..and somehow i feel this is the best way out..Better to take it yourself than let it ravage others..yes I think thats what I am going to do...

Emotions are but ripples when the calmness of your being is perturbed by a stone being hurled in it...But of course the ripples get pacified in due course of time...so also I will pacify myself