Monday, April 03, 2006

Solitude vs Loneliness

On saturday, i was with my friends, my dear friends having a fun time..we were watching Along Came Polly and jus before that we had our lunch together..after the movie ended, i felt the need for fresh air..n i expected someone wud come to drop me..well, the unexpected happened..n i moved out alone..on the road..and suddenly i felt this void..a void which i cud nt comprehend...and i think i was feeeling lonely?? now i don't know...but sometimes i enjoy being alone..and that is solitude..

i take my own time to do things..go alone shopping or mayb jus watch TV alone, but i have noticed that when i have company i tend to behave differently..which is actually strange..why cant i behave consistently..the other day i was sittin alone and a friend saw me..she asked me whether i was tense or tired..n i was none..aimless wud be the right word to describe what i feel when am by myself..but not always..sometimes i do feel elated for no reason at all..

i wonder if i understand myself!!!