Friday, September 07, 2007

Do you believe in "nazar lagna"???

Well, a series of incidents that happened with me led me to ponder abour "Nazar lagna" and I thought of writing about it. This whole discussion can be wrt rational thinking or beliefs. But my endeavor is just to pen down my thoughts about the same. Any comments are welcome.

From quite some time, I observed that I was having some bad experiences, majorly small accidents..Like one day i kept my step on a moving treadmill and fell down with a thud thankfully did not hit my head with any machine..although there was a heavy iron machine very close to where I had fallen..I thanked God and moved on although I was shaking after that incident..

Then again one day i fell down from the steps..and ended by bruising my leg..this again was very minor..And very recently..I got burnt from pressure cooker steam..have this nice brown patch on my shoulder..I managed to save my face or GOD that very moment i din react but later on i was in tears thinking that the steam could have burnt my face..Face which is our first image to others, which is so damn crucial a part of our personality..I was shuddering after the whole incident happened..

All these incidents led me to think that I am going through a bad time in my life..But can we actually prevent such happenings..My friend told me you visit the temple..I said I will..but before these events occured, it never crossed my mind to visit the temple..

The same argument I can apply to Luck..some ppl dont really believe in luck.I have a friend who does not believe in good or bad luck..He says whatever is is a by-product of his actions..and yes, i also want to believe the same..but i end up believeing not...since i do believe in 'kismat' Do you think its wrong to believe so???