Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angry? Let it out, Express!

Well, this post comes after an anger venting session for me. Personally, I know it does not feel too good to be angry or rather remaining angry. That is why I say "Let it out" 

When I am angry, I tend to experience this shakiness and especially when am expressing my anger aggressively. I am sure many of you must have experienced that state. But does that mean we are weak and are not able to endure the anger, the fury? No I guess. Its quite an unexplainable condition though, sometimes anger lead me to tears, at other times like now I feel good, better, stable,sane to have let it out although the moment of anger is quite  negative and self-hurting also. 

But when I was right and the other person wrong, why should I take their crap? Ain't that pure abuse? I mean come on, I should be able to take my stand, defend myself, not stay mute like a cow and endure anything.Some people are sadists, they want to take you for granted, take advantage of your timidness, don't let them please!! Its not altogether a cruel world out there, but you tend to find all kind of species. Me for one have found quite a variety and have not been very happy with my findings :|

Coming back to anger,why should I hold it in when it should be out there. Why should I be suffocating over something thats not worth it. I agree its not always good to let it out. But its unhealthier to let it stay in. Expression is the key. Blurt it out man, its no use keeping it inside you, where its going to live like a parasite and slowly take you in. Suppressed anger or even suppressed plain thoughts can come out in other devastating and perturbing forms like Depression.

And I strongly believe that people who do not accept its their mistake over whatever happened, give it to them their way. Well, Gandhiji said if someone slaps you on one cheek, put forward another cheek. I mean no  disrespect to the Father of the Nation but am sure if he were in our world today (in some avatar :) ) he would agree to the fact that, that formula is long obsolete. I believe in "जैसे को तैसा " और भाई क्यूँ नहीं? और अगर मैंने कुछ गलत किया ही नहीं तो फिर मैं क्यूँ सहूँ?

My father always says "What cannot be cured has to be endured" While there is some truth in it, I do not agree with it in totality. After all I also have a threshold and when I am past my threshold, there will definitely be an outburst. Outburst is good, expression is good. Yes we may tend to say cruel, mindless stuff to others, but hell, I believe in apologizing if I have said something wrong. That doesn't make me any lesser of a good person. Anger to come out in much more controlled way could take a little practice, letting it out is important.

Speak out and you will definitely feel "Aal izz Well" later :D :D And btw you should also watch Anger management :D :D

Don't let the sun go down in anger.
We have an assignment, a destiny and a purpose.
Don't let anything block your sun.
Wake to a new sunrise. 
Angel Cher