Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sometimes I just do not understand my emotions, my mood swings or probably I do not want to attribute the change in mood to any particular event or person..I am so much not in control of myself then..like a wave which washes away the patterns made on sand, i get washed away in my uncontrollable emotions..And sometimes the after effect isnt good and i regret my feeling that way..

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But then why?? why should i not give a vent to my outburst of emotions or whatever it is , maybe its PMS i keep feeling...My emotions are not trivial..my emotions/my mood swings are my own, I cannot compare them in magnitude or intensity to the feelings or emotions of others..Why then should i belittle the way i feel..may it look eccentric...but thats how i feel..

But then i got this wierd thought that if i isolate myself...my crazy emotions would not hurt anyone..and somehow i feel this is the best way out..Better to take it yourself than let it ravage others..yes I think thats what I am going to do...

Emotions are but ripples when the calmness of your being is perturbed by a stone being hurled in it...But of course the ripples get pacified in due course of time...so also I will pacify myself                                                     

Friday, September 07, 2007

Do you believe in "nazar lagna"???

Well, a series of incidents that happened with me led me to ponder abour "Nazar lagna" and I thought of writing about it. This whole discussion can be wrt rational thinking or beliefs. But my endeavor is just to pen down my thoughts about the same. Any comments are welcome.

From quite some time, I observed that I was having some bad experiences, majorly small accidents..Like one day i kept my step on a moving treadmill and fell down with a thud thankfully did not hit my head with any machine..although there was a heavy iron machine very close to where I had fallen..I thanked God and moved on although I was shaking after that incident..

Then again one day i fell down from the steps..and ended by bruising my leg..this again was very minor..And very recently..I got burnt from pressure cooker steam..have this nice brown patch on my shoulder..I managed to save my face or GOD did..at that very moment i din react but later on i was in tears thinking that the steam could have burnt my face..Face which is our first image to others, which is so damn crucial a part of our personality..I was shuddering after the whole incident happened..

All these incidents led me to think that I am going through a bad time in my life..But can we actually prevent such happenings..My friend told me you visit the temple..I said I will..but before these events occured, it never crossed my mind to visit the temple..

The same argument I can apply to Luck..some ppl dont really believe in luck.I have a friend who does not believe in good or bad luck..He says whatever is is a by-product of his actions..and yes, i also want to believe the same..but i end up believeing not...since i do believe in 'kismat' Do you think its wrong to believe so???

Monday, May 21, 2007

Grease Monkey!!!!

Hey I am an avid use of Mozilla Firefox..cant use IE anymore..and i am totally a fan of the addons in Mozilla..

I think they are quite innovatively created..greasemonkey for example..and mouse gestures is also a good instance of this fact..

by grease monkey u can actually download videos from youtube..check out this link for the same:


you will find it very useful..

ppl are welcome to tell about other useful scripts related to greasemonkey :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Change is important..

How many of us believe in constantly changing things in our life..may they be trivial ones...maybe changing the wallpaper on the desktop..maybe listening to newer songs..well i strongly believe in and advocate change..its so very crucial to perdure the freshness in life and the daily activities, to keep your energy levels at an optimum high

I feel that change has much to do with, in fact its closely associated with one's comfort zones..As the name implies, a zone in which u find comfort and are at ease = comfort zone..but one should also strive to come out of it..Staying in your comfort zone always would actually defer the threshold of change...and CHANGE is necessarily important..for progress, for maintaining the lustre in everything..for retaining interest, for keeping ur energies consistent..

I have recently experienced a big change in my life, but of course for the positive and am looking forward to gradually transforming this change into one of my feel good, at ease zones :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Am so lazy yet....

Well, Let me first begin by saying that the caption to my writing is not befitting. Its just that am too lazy to think of something very collinear..too lousy to actually blog of any one incident..most of the times I don't feel like writing but today I thought why not write, since its been long..not for the heck of it but since I want to..

Well it was my birthday on Saturday, was a good day must say..started with visiting a temple, got up early..dressed up in new clothes..there wasn't a need for it, since it was a non-working day but well, I felt good in new attire..you know how new things have a feel good factor :) like one day one of my gym mates was telling me that she purchased a new pair of tracks to motivate herself to come to gym regularly..isn't that nice??

And I cut three cakes :) that was fun, only sad part was i ended up hogging lots of eatables that my buddies had ordered for me and the all of us..and basically all my diet control till my birthday went haywire for the whole weekend...anyways diet control is something for which you need lots of will power :D

and these days i don have the will to resist tempting stuff like sweets, chocolates :D oh Lord, i wana resist those..warna weight ka kya hoga..hee hee..wish there was some magic wand..poof and u wud loose all the extra flab..

well, well..then all the VLCCs and gyms like these would run into major losses..what will all the world becoming health conscious, these money-minting entities are the ones who profit most..

I would prefer a gym anyday to VLCC , something that would add to consistency..not weight loss in a day..

anyways i would end abruptly here..don feel like writing anymore