Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Udaan...a liberating flight...

Udaan..the story of Rohan(Rajat Barmecha), 17 year old teenager having embittered relations with his father, Bhairav Singh(Ronit Roy). Being expelled from boarding school, Rohan returns to his father not having met him for 8 years. A budding writer and inclined towards studying literature, his dream to be a writer, is forced into engineering college by his father and forcibly made to work in a steel plant which is his fathers' business.

Rohan comes back and discovers he has a step younger brother Arjun. Such a cutie pie! I almost wanted to pull his cheeks and what acting by the newcomers! Applaudable! The best part in the movie is the relationship Rohan shares with his kid step brother. Arjun is just so adorable and a natural actor. Its shown in such soft light, their relationship and one very uplifting part of the movie.

Ram Kapoor as always exudes a lot of warmth in his character as the caring and loving uncle. Ronit Roy succeeds in his role so much that you abhor him throughout the movie! Flawless acting by all the characters. At one point you really feel for Rohan and Arjun..Wonderful depiction of emotions!

Some lighter moments shared by the actors in the the drunk scene with Rohan and his seniors, "Disgraceful" said by the father every morning when he wins the race and then repeated by Arjun, this was hilarious :D The picnic scene when Rohan says "kabhi rakshas kabhi bhedh" for his father after knowing it was his idea, the picnic :)

The music score is very liberating and on the story lines. As one of my friends rightly pointed out, watch the movie first and then listen to the sound track :) You come to appreciate the music more and it works! Amit Trivedi does an incredible job as music director.

The beautiful poems recited by the protagonist in the movie are so impressive and inspirational, am trying to get my hands on them. How Rohan struggles to free himself from an authoritative, arrogant and sadistic father and pursue his dreams is what the whole movie is about.What a welcome change from the stereotypical romantic and masala movies that we have in Bollywood. Kudos to the director Vikramaditya Motwane and the producer Anurag Kashyap.

Udaan is a journey to stand up for what you want in life, break free from the chains of fear and just fight against the injustice.Its a liberating and inspiring experience, go watch for yourself!! 

Find the magical poems of the movie here