Friday, March 31, 2006

Concetration going HAYWIRE

I wonder how people study for i tried reading with concentration for an hour and i found that i was getting too distracted.but maybe that was because i was sitting in my cubicle close to my workstation & we software engineer are too fond of surfing..lolz..

anyways i struggled to study some pages with undivided attention, succeeded to do that only for some minutes distracted by orkut, by office work..i even tried putting on music n studying but in vain

a friend used to tell me that music increases ur concentration level..however i have observed that it diverts my attention..mayb am not listening to the right music, maybe i should listen to music that am familiar to, that ways i wont pay heed to it...

day is almost coming to an end and am happy that i have managed to read some pages :D


Ashley said...

I guess thats the common syndrom everywhere in our industry.
Me too feel same especially when I am on office :).

UnboundSpirit said...

True ASH, BUT sometimes i feel technology has crippled our minds, taken away our alertness n made us distracted individuals..

Ashley said...

You are rite.
Lets just chuch the job and search for enlightenment :)

Anonymous said...

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