Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Boss Drama....Sach ka Saamna..its the era of Reality Shows..

What is it about reality shows that sends the TRP ratings sky high. I guess its the peepy factor. By that I mean people usually don't get to peep into another persons' routine in real life, so this is a chance to see some 13 odd people in a house cut from the rest of the world..either flirting with one another or bitching bethind others' back. Sadistic in a way, but it sure sells!!! I find this business really yucky and demeaning though. Relatively speaking, Big Boss is still ok but not Sach ka Saamna

Don't you think these reality shows are taking our culture away? I mean have you watched Sach ka Saamna?..I was taken aback when I did. The wife was being asked if she and her husband were staying together after having taken a divorce.Gosh! its like running a live slide show of your life. Its like stripping your life cloth off you. And I felt betrayed by the program, how can an individual become ready to answer controversial questions about their personal life, their deepest of secrets for a big amount of money??? Isn't this very facet disturbing? Asking a person, that too a celebrity , if he had kids out of wedlock!! Horrible!!! I don't seem to get why we are trying to emulate American culture and ruin our Indian culture..isn't it too much damage we are causing just for TRP ratings?

I mean reality shows like Rakhi ka swayamvar and Pati patni aur woh are still ok. After all those are staged and do not probe in an individuals' personal life.

What do you say? Would you want such reality shows to continue??


Dreamers eye said...

Yah True....People are now ready to broadcast all secrets for a few bucks....sad the way reality shows have turned over the years...

good post...keep writing

Mohd. Afzal said...

Vitamin "M" or "Money" as they call it, is definitely the key stimulant but I also believe the success of reality shows is in tandem with the law of demand and supply... With such a huge population, any show is bound to get a good chunk of viewership..

Even I saw one or two episodes of "Sach ka Saamna" just because of the hoopla it created .. I found it quite painful, nevertheless.. but I can bet there are ppl waiting to watch another celeb or any individual for that matter getting ripped on screen..

UnboundSpirit said...

Afzal..well said..basically your comment sums up my whole post