Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After Peanut Butter...Prunes :D

Well..I am the kind of person who endeavors to keep trying healthy stuff..Recently, I bought this peanut butter from my favourite supermarket store..And it was the crunchy type..Ummm..Peanut butter is yummy..but BEWARE too much of it isn't good folks. But a quick Google search gave me some very astonishing as well as confusing facts :|

The search revealed that peanut butter is actually high in saturated fats which is good for health, its good for a healthy heart and its good cholestrol. Plus some of its other benefits

-- peanuts = protein
-- more filling, once u eat two spoons wont feel hungry for 3-4 hours at a stretch

I felt its best as weekend breakfast with toasted whole wheat bread and a nice cup of steaming tea :D

Now let me come to Prunes, the Sunsweet California Prunes are really good as a snack. 3 prunes = 61, as per reference from caloriecount

I felt they really satisfy your craving for sweet. Plus can you imagine they have NO FAT..Yessssss, they have no fat :) What can be a better snack than a ZERO FAT SNACK :D A reference for some reading as I can't stop searching about how healthy prunes are :D



MountCleverest said...

Thanks for sharing the info abt PB(no reference to prison break :P)... I had no idea that it could be good. I guess it has the same pros that one associates with the "good" variety of cheese[Keeps you full longer and takes longer to get digested thereby keeping ur metabolism up] aside from the obvious addition of protein thanks to peanuts.

While you are onto trying energy giving, sweet-tasting yet low in fat content food, you should give Dates a shot(you can easily avail a seedless pack from any of the nearby retail outlets).

Also, when going for Prunes as a snack, keep in mind that it does have Sugars which if not burnt will accumulate AS fat. Beware of that!

@Heena:Welcome to the world of blogging...keep posting

UnboundSpirit said...

Thanks for the dates info Sanjay...Will surely look it up..As for Prunes having sugars maybe you are right..as they are very sweet :)