Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Video..Evolution

Evolution was an advertising campaign launched by Dove and this video was part of it. It was a video circulated through viral marketing ( and this video was viewed 8 million times..the number only shows the popularity it received. Has also won couple of awards. Successfully showed the pressure women feel to always look flawlessly good. And it is a also a wonderful example of an Ad that differs from other ads in that, it doesnt massage the consumers' ego, rather creates a contradiction and triggers affinity towards its product


Anita said...

Cool video. I'm going to share this on twitter. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I found out that the models photos were being digitally altered. It kind of ticked me off because so many girls/women were/are comparing themselves with an image that wasn't/isn't real -- and feeling bad about their looks/bodies. I'd much rather see real people. Thanks for sharing. Take care, A.

UnboundSpirit said...

Thanks for your comment Anita. I agree a comparison with perfect models/celebrities has such a belittling effect. This video is such a blaring example of how our notion of beauty is distorted. And yes, beauty is shown to be so artificial and unreal, even beauty has a different face. The real beauty lies in understanding and being comfortable and confident about our own self. Glad you are going to share the video.