Monday, October 05, 2009

Magnolia - The Movie

After having watched the movie, I endeavored to reason how the name of the movie was apt enough.

Well Magnolia is a flower as the movie poster vividly depicts and just as every petal is different, similarly the varied characters. But just as all the petals are connected to the one flower, so too are the people in the film interconnected. Marvellously thought name.
IMDB rating of the movie:8.2, Director:Paul Thomas Anderson

Brilliant interconnection of characters and the story of each.

Story of a dying man,Earl Partridge repenting having left his son at the age of 14 and a dying wife, repentful that he cheated on his wife. Married Linda.

The nurse Phil brilliantly played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who endeavors to contact Frank T.J Mackey(Tom Cruise), the dying mans' son. As opinions go, this is by large the best performance given by Tom Cruise in the year 1999. Personally, am not a big fan of his. And plus his role in the movie, that of a Seduction Guru is well played by him.Although the character has been made to use some over offensive language.

Linda(Juliaane Moore), the dying mans wife, shown hysterical and maniacal. Mostly shown swearing in the movie, the part I disliked most. Self-realization dawns on her in the end and eats her conscience.

William H Macy, the Quiz kid Donnie Smith who is no longer smart as he deems himself and need a pair of braces just to befriend someone he think he loves, a bartender! Parents who never treated him well..the once whiz kid now shown desperate for love.

Jimmy Gator, the quiz anchor, who confesses to his wife about their daughter Claudia and how he had ravaged her.

Not to forget the cop who gets all cry baby when he loses his gun.

As quoted by Cole Smithey, I liked these lines of his best

Just as something so reliably surprising as the weather can modify people’s behavior, "Magnolia" encompasses an inter-connective human bond that accepts reality’s blind spots. Purity of intention, as the story suggests, is a happy accident that can hit everyone.


suvro said...

I would love to watch this movie.

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