Thursday, October 08, 2009

Big Boss ??? Naaaa

Today I was watching Big Boss on TV. Yeah yeah in my defence, I was busy doing one of my chores while my parents were following it. And I had no option but to steal a sight once a while, mostly I was passively listening to the drama.

First and foremost and that seems to be the USP of the show :D Each character they have picked for staying in the house is so unique and I must say some of them are real samples, at least I felt so. The ones I really felt irritated with were Jaya Sawant. I mean com'on Aunty jee isn't it enough your daughter doing drama on reality shows when you felt the need to plunge in? but I must say you provide no entertainment :P Only Rakhi is proficient in that :D Rakhi I hope does not take this as a compliment :P

Next in line is that Kamal Khan, first of all I do not know who this guy is. But one thing am sure of even his mike would be begging for mercy. He has this umm how should I say it, a very shrill voice which is not at all कर्णप्रिय. If you know what I mean, myself I would like to be deaf rather than be around such a person. Sorry KK. no offense for you, I am just irritated with your voice and by the way it influences your personality.

Hmm, let me see, yess how can we miss Vindoo when we are counting others.Now folks this one is very foxy, knows how to shift the blame, when to take the blame and use each situation to his advantage. I think the others in the house should "beware" of him. Basically, looks like He's the Boss now.

Sherlyn Chopra?? Gosh!!! I just don't like her. Ok guys I know you might but I don't care. She just comes around like a gal who has a lot of attitude. The kinda gal who can mix up only with guys. Exactly what is happening in Big Boss now..

Ooooooh, Rohit, the fashion designer. I know the world is ready for its gay people but puleeeez, I do not want to see this sissy of a person on the show. Even Ross was better(Friends wala Ross :P)

Well..My list of "Not like" people ends here..All the Best to the others..Hope I do not follow Big Boss :| Although my father says its a physchological test for the people, I think its total crap of a show. What do you think??

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