Saturday, November 21, 2009

UP is UPlifting..UP you go :)

Picture courtesy : Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures

This is the first 3D animation from Pixar, yet another triumph for them.Pixar and Disney have done it again.

Indeed, Up is a charming and such a sweet movie. In some of its scenes, it touched me more than any non-animation movie. There are such real emotions in the movie that you might actually want to shed a tear or two while watching some scenes.After Ratatouille and Wall E, its UP :) And yes UP is going to go very up in its ratings.Currently, its IMDB rating is 8.5. And the tomatometer is 98% :) yey!!!

The movie's characters exude such warmth. Carl and Ellie as a sweet couple, taking life's ups and downs with a smile and Russel, the cute plump wilderness scout who is keen to earn an elderly assistance badge.Kevin, the trotting peacock-like bird, Dug the talking dog :D

In the beginning of the movie I thought its similar to Wall-E where there were such minimal dialogues. Since early in UP too, there is a non-verbal set of scenes potraying how Carl and Ellie met, fell in love, got married, could not have any children and finally slipped to old age. What superb story telling without a single word. And so profoundly moving.   

Carl and Ellie share this dream of having a Venezulean trip to the Paradise falls. Which Carl gets an urge to fulfill after Ellie expires. I love the balloon scene :) The house soaring with a bouquet of balloons...its such a happy scene :) its a balloon house cum plane :D looks so cool,so swell, so colorful in the blue sky..people exclaiming at it sight.What imagination!!  How Carl and Russel in their eventful journey bond and come to like each other, how Carl fulfills Ellie's dream and also learns an important lesson about what really matters in life. Quite a heart-moving story.

My favorite scenes in the movie, are the soaring house for one and the scene where after placing the house on Paradise falls mountain, Carl again flaps the pages of Ellie's adventure book. He stumbles on the many photos of theirs, capturing all their happy moments, each photo placed with care and thought :) These pages were meant to be filled once her dream of building the house on Paradise falls mountain got fulfilled. This very scene conveyed such a simple learning. We might not always get what we dream. The things/goals achieved in the process of achieving your dreams hold equal or maybe much more importance :) Wonderful, just a wonderful movie..

Personally I was glued to the movie every single moment while I was watching, was spellbound by it, so mesmerizing at times. An incredible movie, kids would love it, adults would enjoy it. UP is a must-watch, go watch it!!

Some extras:
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