Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Kate Winslet has played a remarkable role in this movie released in 2008.As April she is shown to manifest varied emotions, disappointing as an actress, trying hard as a housewife, still lost in life and trying to find a meaning in the hopelessness and emptiness. Trying to find a place of her own in the world.

Her husband Frank, having a typical office job is frustrated with the emptiness too. Then one day April recalls the fire that was in Frank whilst his youth. His talk of going to Paris and she puts forth a plan, where they should move to Paris. Why? So that he can really find the time to know what he really wants to do in his life, while she would be working in one of the government organisations and be the bread winner.Frank agrees to this irrational, impractical plan. Thereafter, they are shown to be in a state of such happiness, they proudly tell their friends that they are moving away for good, for discovering the real happiness, for witnessing the beauty of Paris.

In the meantime, Frank is getting offered a promotion to work with the chief executive on a new project: computers and hence is in a dilemma as to what to do. When April comes to know of this and also that shes pregnant, the whole plan goes to ashes.

April is shown so unhappy, this part that Kate Winslet has played so brilliantly. In her misery, she still puts up a smile in front of her husband before she gives herself an abortion. Her misery finally takes her life.

The perfect Wheeler couple story is shown to end in sheer tragedy

A melancholic movie with some great acting by Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, based on a novel by Richard Yates.


suvro said...

I dont get what the movie is trying to say more simply whats the moral of the story?April is the craziest screen wife.You remember that retard whom Di Caprio hated so much.Revolutionary Road looks as complicated as alzebra.

UnboundSpirit said...


Personally, I feel the movie is trying to depict how people leading perfect lives want to get out of its emptiness, in this case April.She is feeling empty inside.Hence she wants them to go to Paris so that she can be a breadwinner and get some identity in life.Whereas Frank(Di Caprio) is not making any effort to move out of his mundane life and job.Then when he gets a promotion, his male ego is not ready to quit. He still wants to be the breadwinner.

April is crazy because of the misery she is experiencing, but what a versatile actress, the scene just before she does an abortion is highly appreciable.

Revolutionary Road is about the perfect Wheelers who are not so perfect inside.