Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing is a great way to bust mental funk

Recently I found myself irked by boredom, routine, doing the same chores , same tasks day by day. I felt so vexed by it that I started to look for a way to relieve myself. I found reading blogs is a very constructive way to use time at hand. And there is a plethora of such fine quality blogs out there. Just do not understand how I was untouched by such a vast blogosphere out there. Anyhow am happy am part of it now.

While going through my usual reading routine I found this blog It was just what I needed. Mental funk , that was exactly what I was struggling with.Generally, I find myself in a mental funk due to being very much in routine or having too much leisure that leads to a feeling of unproductivity. And the blog suggests such doable ways to bust out of it, am glad I read this post. Although I also feel that its easier said that done. 

When all is said and done
more is said and less is done

In addition to the points listed there, I think the last one "Compliment yourself", that was the one that helped rekindle the spirit in me. Definitely, the first point would maybe be the best solution of breaking out of the trap of mental funk. But when you are really in it, it takes immense efforts even to take a single step towards breaking out. At that juncture, you need a driving force, maybe just a flicker of hope that may come in any minimal form.

For me, it came in the form of user comments on my blog for the topic Minimalism. Here I was, in the inertia of dullness, sluggishness and all the synonyms of depression or blues and lo, I see some comments on one of my posts. That really cheered me up :-) I would associate it with complimenting myself. 

I had not written from couple of days giving into some mental blocks. Fortunately for the comments, thanks to all who commented, thanks for providing me the tiny bit of inspiration and motivation. 

And finally I feel free, out of the clenches of the blues..I owe this all to writing, to the ability that we have so that we can pen down our thoughts, may they be simple, yet they provide a different kind of freedom to the soul..

The only time I know that something is true is the moment I discover it in the act of writing.
Jean Malaquais

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