Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A relief from Ektaa Kapoor serials on TV

Am fortunate or some would say unfortunate to have a TV. Not that am a couch potato but yes its a good to watch something while eating dinner or while cutting vegetables(yes I make my own dinner, even thats a big relief)

All the saga of Saas Bahu serials, all the politics and conspiracy games in families, thankfully all those serials no longer come on TV, or maybe I have stopped watching that channel. You should try watching the channel Colors if you do not already. It has some very good quality serials and couple of them are on social issues which makes them all the more interesting to watch.

Baalika Vadhu on child marriage and widow remarriage. Naa aana is des Laado on female infanticide. And both of these serials are female oriented serials, the head in the family being a female. Such classy and genuine characters, each one are appreciable in their own role. No wonder TRP rating of Colors channel is so high.

Bye bye to ekta kappoor serials and Welcome to Colors :)

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