Friday, August 21, 2009

Another weekend :|

A Friday in the life of a Software engineer can be so hectic and so boring also.If you have worked hard 5 days..the two days relief might feel like a huge vacuum. And with a place like Bangalore, where you have not much places to visit, it becomes really difficult to pass time..If you have a group of frnds, it becomes all the more simple..otherwise more or less u are on your own to kill the boredom..

And I do not know whats with the recession these days, so many discount sales going on and on and on..So tempting!!It all boils down to has become so routine that when you find an ounce of time, u end up wondering what to do..I would have run home if my native was near..but alas its not.. :(

People like me end up solitary most of the people like me I mean, people who do not take the initiative to meet up with friends, yeah i do call up people..but it is difficult to be constantly in touch...

Somehow I have come to enjoy "My Time" with myself..its importance in my life has increased after I learnt to be on my own..not being dependent on any friend, any accomplice..Sometimes its a boon..sometimes a curse...

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