Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes I feel things are just so redundant, so damn boring..we fail to enjoy them..the very monotony takes out all the lack lustre and there we are doing a thing just because it "has to be done"

How many of us call a friend because we really want to? how many of us do it with a sense of obligation?I, frankly speaking, do not call if I am feeling obligated..I'd rather call if I really miss my friend..or really want to talk to him/her..But I know in doing so..I might have lost many a friend in the process...Its so important to maintain the lustre, the charm of any sensitive human relationships are...words can never express the depth..

One of my very good friends and me were once discussing how two people so much in close..can still feel bored with each the presence of a 3rd person changes things..and makes an event more interesting...A thought just struck me..I feel people shud give each other ample space..not always expect the other person to behave in a certain way..maybe that would make way for newer more surprising experiences..and rejuvenate relationships..alas it is easier said than done..

keep trying new things..keep visiting new places...keep surprising each other..with small gifts..maybe personalised gifts..maybe innovative ones..and pave the way for a new life everyday...

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