Saturday, July 03, 2010

Singin' in the Rain

What a sweet classic movie. After watching this one, I got a feeling that all movies should be like this. Light, hilarious, mushy and all things that make you feel good. Personally am not a big fan of musicals, but I did like Once and now this has been added to my list of favourite musicals.

Don Lockwood(Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont are the stars of a silent movie production. Don meets Cathy Saldon, falls in love and the love story unwinds into a pretty nice musical. With the advent of voice in cinema, Cathy Saldon is discovered as a budding star, a petite pretty girl.

Cosmo Brown adds such good touches of comedy and dance to the movie and is just phenomenal. The faces he makes, gosh!! he is superb. Lina Lamont with her shrieky shrill voice :D she is a typical piece, cawing away like a crow. The ascent trainer working on her is just hilarious. The tapping shoes dances, the classic songs, the sets, the lighting, the costumes is just so amusing. Don looks dashing and Cathy so cute, both having good chemistry.

Each one of the songs is adorable :D Please please watch this movie and laugh will make your day! :)

Enjoy this video from the movie :)

Also love the lyrics of the song "You were meant for me"

Life was a song,
You came along
I've laid awake the whole night through
If I ever dared to think you'd care
This is what I'd say to you

You were meant for me
And I was meant for you
Nature patterned you
And when she was done
You were all the sweet things
Rolled up in one

You're like a plaintive melody
That never lets me free
But I'm content
The angels must have sent you
And they meant you just for me...

But I'm content
The angels must have sent you
And they meant you just for me...

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nothingprofound said...

One of my favorite movies, and for the reasons you mentioned. We should all do more singing and dancing in the rain.

UnboundSpirit said...


I can't agree more with you :) Singing and dancing in the rain is a cheerful activity, as is watching this movie!

Thanks for your comment!

PS: Glad to see you new set of aphorisms!