Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 Reasons not to Celebrate Valentine's Day

1) With all the heart shaped balloons and everything, anyone can get fed up. Teddy holding a red heart with an I love you written on it, seriously do you need that???. Heart shaped pillows, heart shaped chocolates, for Gods sake heart shaped lollipops :D Phew!! Can't digest so many hearts around :D Archies and other gift shops must have a gala time, with their sales sky high on this day! 

All these mushy mushy thoughts are so short-lived! Oh yes, we all have gifted our friends some show pieces and other stuff. But now I am more of a believer of gifting useful gifts or accessories :)

2) Love is in the air, in the parks, in the restaurants, even in public places. PDA = Public Display of Affection percentage rises on this particular day which can be very annoying for the non-valentine believers. Oww so many Romeos and Juliets moving around, you would feel like becoming a villian (Sure would make you feel better becoming a Prem Chopra that day :P)

3) Yeah now comes the Red Roses, "bhaiya zara ek red rose dena!" kitne ka hai??? 20 Rs :O :O Double the price, kya bhaiya?? Well, sure is a business day for florists, this V-Day. And what happens to the roses after you gift them. They wilt away :( Poor flowers, as they were meant to serve this purpose only. Reminds me of Pushp ki Abhilasha, the hindi kavita by Makhanlaal Chaturvedi.

4) God forbid if you are in Mumbai, better be alert on the lookout for any hungama from Shiv Sena or MNS. I am pretty scared of them myself :| Bechara SRK!

5) And I would like to end with the reason that one of my friends stated, there can be a day to celebrate Ganesh Pooja but there can be no day to "celebrate love" How true..

I bet you can jot down some more reasons for not celebrating V-day! do you have any?


Amit Singh said...

More than anything it creates an unnecessary obligation.. you don't want to be left behind when the whole world is doing it.. the next day you are going to be asked at your workplace what gifts you gave/received..I doubt if everyone giving gifts is being really genuine.. if they claim they are, i wonder what is it in the day that makes you want to gift..may be by some quirk of nature the temperature and humidity are just perfect that have a positive influence on your hormones...i am not principally against the institution of gift giving... its wonderful as long as there is heart behind it

UnboundSpirit said...


Well thought comment! V-Day has been commercialized to such an extent that its become more of a forced custom. I liked the reason you made up that would make you want to gift someone something :D

so agree with you when you say a gift has worth only if given with a true heart.

Thanks for your comment :) !

Parth J Dave said...

Celebrating Valentine's Day is another sign that we are slowly becoming oblivious to our Indian culture. Westernisation has absorbed us so much that we overlook its drawbacks.

And as you said, there should not be a specific day to celebrate the institution of love. Love is supposed to be enjoyed everyday.. I don't understand the main motive behind this..

Anyway, thanks for writing such a wonderful post.. I hope others will agree to your opinions and follow suit!

UnboundSpirit said...

@Parth I agree with you that gradually we are turning our back towards our own culture. There are many factors influencing this, one primary one being the Idiot Box and its idiotic channels like MTV and Channel V

While there is nothing wrong in celebrating a certain V-Day, how you celebrate it is demeaning and useless. Now for e.g. if you sponsor one meal for say 10 children with that very money with which u buy a heart shaped gift, it would be so meaningful.

Thanks for your comment! Keep visiting!


Ashish said...

Well Actually,might be , it could be:
1."Last year , he/she gave me such an expensive one, and this time.......".
With series like Emotional Atyachar around and their dity and thirsty secret agent waiting for the next shikkar, thoughts like above can be life threatning!
2."Yaaaaakkk,even such a lame guy/gal has a girlfriend and me not. O God , tell me what paap I have done?".
And next day in newspaper, "A young boy/girl commited suicide by jumpingn from the top floor of S/W company he/she used to work for.Reasons are still unknown". We know it, bet!
3. Next time u get down from local bus, and see posters of "Baba Haleem Jumali--Pyar me nirash Ladke/Ladki Mile", don't say again that these baba log are destroying the image of our country.It was u who were doing PDA last Valentine!
4.And finally , with 22% of apni junta living below Poverty Line, 35% not having proper meal,is it morally right to spend on chocolates and teddies??? (Pardon my statistics, they help a lot in MBA GD, u know )

UnboundSpirit said...

@Ashish With those points you could have had a blog post of your own :D Points well noted :P

Thanks for dropping by!

Arslan said...

All very valid reasons.. But sometimes you do need an excuse, a reminder, an occasion to express your love again, coz we all tend to forget it a little.. So if a well planned V Day date or a thoughtful gift brings ppl closer, then that is nothing to oppose. Yes, it starts becoming a problem when ppl view it as a compulsion and feel the pressure to pretend to love/give gifts without actually meaning it.
And about the spending on gifts being wasteful, I think if buying an overpriced rose from a vendor lets him treat his kids to a rare icecream, then it is worth it..

Btw, here from Indiblogger.. Now following :)

UnboundSpirit said...

@Arslan Well, I do agree with you on that our world has become so busy that it actually leaves very less time for anything like expressing your love. V-Day helps us to make that very expression but its ok only if done at home. you know what I mean ;)

As to spending, I strongly disagree with you on buying an overpriced rose. I mean ice cream for children is ok. Also being a minimalist, I believe why overspend when you can make your loved one happy with simple things as well. A hand made card or an origami rose you know would give much more happiness than an overpriced card or a rose.

Thanks for your comment! Keep visiting!

Arslan said...

A clarification about my spending comment. I'm referring to the fact that many a time overpriced roses/balloons are sold be extremely poor ppl who find an opportunity on V-Day to make a little extra income. Whatever you spend, ultimately reaches someone else (who probably needs it a lot more). Even chains like 'Archies' provide employment to a lot of people. If we all became minimalists, the economy would grind to a halt! And that is not something to strongly disagree with, I hope. :)

Nethra said...

Red roses are cheaper than the half on the other days. ;) Btw, nice post. :)

UnboundSpirit said...

Minimalism if followed by all, rich and poor will not bring economy to a halt but will lead to its betterment. The divide between the haves and the have-nots will not widen as it is now. Since people will buy and sell in a balanced way. What do you have to say about that?

About employment and giving the vendor a chance to earn something extra makes sense and am not against that. That is another perspective. But I bet a very less percentage of the masses buy any stuff with that feeling. People spend because they have that spending capacity. Minimalism is not against people gaining better status or financial level, it is against buying things which have zero or no utility.

Thanks for your arguments, but I agree to disagree :)

UnboundSpirit said...

@Nethra Thanks! Yeah red roses :) I believe every rose has its thorns :D

Keep visiting!

Preeti said...

The hubbub created against V - Day is no where less then noise created in its favor.
Our mind is thick skinned,it gets bored very soon ,it needs to be tricked from time to time and I don see any problem if we get another excuse.

But yes you should be smart enough to not to fall prey to gimmicks and fairy tales ( as in DTPH, madhuri: mujhe viswas hai mere liye koi bana hai :P))


UnboundSpirit said...

@P LOL, That was so hilarious I mean the Madhuri Dixit dialogue :P

everything else took me a while to understand :) Yeah I think you are right, V-Day can be used as a day to be creative and surprise the partner with something thoughtful in an otherwise mundane life.

Maybe the answer is to strike a balance between romance and real life. A lil romance now and then can be used to rekindle the burnt out flame.

Thanks for your comment :)

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Rohit Dassani said...

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UnboundSpirit said...

Rohit and amritaghat Thanks!

Hari said...

Finally a post on V-Day that echoes my sentiment. Valentine's Day: "When married men realize what a poor shot cupid really is" ... just kidding!!!

Farila said...

My husband is against it... and I am not cheating on him. Is that a good enough reason ? ;)

UnboundSpirit said...

@Hari Thats some definition of Valentines Day :D

@Farila :P Quite a sardonic reason but good enough

Kaushik | said...

In US, V-day has devolved into a commercial custom. Couple feel obligated; single people feel inadequate or lonely.

UnboundSpirit said...

@Kaushik Thats what is worst about Vday. I mean do it without obligation and a true heart or don't do it.

Well, the grass is greener on other side. Single ppl crave what they do not have and well, thats human nature. Depends more or less on how desperate he/she is :D

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

UnboundSpirit said...

Anonymous, first you could have left your name. There is no harm in giving critical feedback.

Well, sometimes a video or image speak more. I do express my opinion in my own way. And I do have a personal approach, might not match with your opinion. Obviously you can feel free to feel any way. So do I

Dreamers eye said...

With time we are all so busy with all mundane activities that we forget praying to God... so there are festivals when we can pray and with prayer comes a inner satisfaction which no work can fulfill.... similar to love.. with the growing violence and our bus lives we fail to understand the importance of love in our day to day live... so V'day is dedicated not for gifts but for the feeling of togetherness and love which we fail to express trying to catch the early morning bus to office and the late evenings call...Its like New Year...every day of the year is special but we celebrate only at the advent of it...Celebrate life and love... not the day would be my opinion :)

Good Post...keep writing...

UnboundSpirit said...

Wow Dreamers eye..I love this comment of yours..Your comment says it all and I do not need to say anything :) Thanks for such a lovely and meaningful comment.

Keep visiting and commenting :)

Anonymous said...

Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

Rj said...

Came across your blog by accident, and couldn't help reading the discussion.
Just wondering, V-day started as a day to express love, to rekindle romance, and to bring closer those who went afar. That never meant buying expensive gifts, but we did buy them, to start. So in a way, its not archies that spoilt us, its us who created Archies.
As for those who feel left out just cause they dont have a date, i seriously believe they would have found a reason to be miserable for this excuse anyway, because in their minds they always have an impression of being "uncool" if single. In truth, being single or not, is just a matter of personal choice. nothing else.
Nice discussion though. . :-)

Smita said...

nice one..between is this a cut copy paste matte or your very own?Just curious.
feel free to visit my blog..followers are welcomed :)

Rajendra Raikwar said...

great efforts

UnboundSpirit said...


I was shocked by your comment! If it was a cut copy paste, why would I bother putting it in my blog! Its MY blog and i am putting MY opinions, thoughts..